Sunday, March 19, 2006


I had a welcome addition to my life on St. Patty's day. No, not the kitty, the inhaler! Beautiful as a daffodil! Here's how I scored it - I went into the ER and informed the nurse that I thought my massive thyroid had finally burst it's borders and was crushing my trachea... a few tests and six hours later my nurse informed me that I was having a bronchospasm and sent me home with an inhaler.

The overwhelming feeling of the last couple days is RELIEF. I feel thirty lbs lighter and ten years younger. My stamina has been amazing and at night I actually get some sleep. (Knock on wood.) Thank God for inhalers!

The ER ruled out an infection as the cause of the bronchospasm but didn't speculate as to what might be causing it. I've had breathing problems for as long as I've had fibromyalgia. I've had EKGs, chest x-rays, a pulmonary function test (AWFUL), and been tested for cat allergies - no answers. (I wish we'd tried the inhaler years ago, but back when this was going on I had hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure, which would have made albuterol a no-no.) I'm wondering if it is the FMS. FMS can cause muscle spasms just about anywhere.

Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate the good news with y'all!


Steph Stanger said...

Congratulations on finding something to help you feel better!

Crystal said...

Welcome to the club!! =oD