Saturday, March 18, 2006

Llama Drama Painting

I painted Piper's favorite victim for my still life this week in class. I used a palette knife to apply the fur, and a brush for some fine tuning. If I had it to do over again I would do a darker background and spend more time on the table top and face. I completed this one in about two hours. It measures 16x20. Those little specks on the surface are dirt from the ECC parking lot. Half way to my car I dropped the painting face down on the ground...oh well!
As you can see, I flattered the llama a little in my painting by not including that unseemly bald spot at the top of his left leg. That's where Piper knocked him into hot candle wax and I had to trim off the matted hair.


Steph Stanger said...

SWEET! I have been waiting for "Piper's Llama Drama" to show up on your Blog!

Crystal said...

I love llamas! I just saw a boat load of them right next to the Promisland parking at church, CRAZY! I'm pretty sure that land belongs to someone else and not the church though. I just thought it was cool that we get the benefit of seeing them though. Anyhoo, really great painting Kim!

Oh and your blog is loading right now.

Kim Traynor said...

Hi Crystal. I think I saw a sign once calling it the Willow Creek Alpaca Farm! No kidding! It isn't affiliated with the church but I guess the owners were following the Barrington area tradition of naming themselves after their neighbors (South Barrington, North Barrington, Barrington Hills, Barrington Lakes, etc!)

Sorry I didn't see you at church today :( Steph had a long week so we didn't stick around after promiseland. Hopefully the three of us can go hang out soon.

Sarah said...

Hey! I don't know you but your llama drawing is hot! I have the privilege of having a cousin that lives on a farm, she owns a llama!!