Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Choose to Lead" Conference Bloggers

A Bite to Chew On

if you know me at all, you know that the very words 'willow creek' have generally been followed by (at least) a sort of growl when they come out of my mouth. i've never been real fond of 'mcchurch' of which i've always seen willow creek as the model. 'they do it this way at willow creek' has been a good way for me to gauge how not to 'do' church (typing those last two words made my hands hurt)...

Party Like Heaven

I think that its awesome that God values such diversity amongst the churches. Humans are so different and the churches need to be as well. The important thing is to focus on Christ. He is really all that matters.

David Crowder Band


Lanette Rajski

I just got back from the Willow Creek Student Ministry Conference and it was incredible! I don't know why, but I didn't have really high expectations, but it ended up blowing me away

C to the Beyenberg

hey yalls. well got back from chicago yesterday and lemme tell you. amazingness squared.

Dayspring Student Ministries

Stress is an agent of growth. The more I thought about my life and the lives of many students today - I thought well there should be no problem with growth in the lives of most students because it is usually FILLED with STRESSFUL situation and choices. BUT there is one KEY factor that helps those situations go from just a stessful situation to healthy growth - Jack called it "RECOVERY." He said Recovery HAS to be built into our everyday lives.

Third Day

Whatever it was, it was fun. If you've seen any of our shows in the past, you know that Mac likes to figure out where everybody's from. When he did that tonight we quickly realized that we had people from all over the country, nay, the world. People were there from Costa Rica, Korea, even Canada.

John Mulholand

Well, after a few directional errors, we made it to the conference, via the hotel first. on the way, we stoppped at mcdonalds. as i was eating my breakfast burrito, phil informed me of something he learned from the movie "super size me"...apparently a cheeseburger from there was dna tested, and there was dna from over 1,000 head of cattle in one hamburger. I'm lovin' it.


Willow Creek Church is hugebiglargemungusgiant just crazy large.

Nikomas Perez

I'm looking forward to next year when I can bring my student ministry leadership team. It's good to be alone, but it's even better to be there with friends.

Luke Dooley

If there is one idea that I felt most impacted me, it has to be the fact that Student Ministry is all about building relationships! Relationships with students....relationships with adult leaders... relationships with parents, etc.... I have always known this, but I now realize how critical this really is.


Steph Stanger said...

=) Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask Mac or Dave to take a bow...I save those moments for Chris! We still have Rebecca, Matt, and Martin to look forward to this year. There will always be more oppourtunitys for me to make a fool out of my self! Rock!

Kim Traynor said...

"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn." - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Kim Traynor said...

The lighting dummies kind of creep me out too. Not only are they spooky in their own right, but they make us look like the international standard bearers for "Anal Retentiveness in a Church Setting."

Steph Stanger said...

"Anal Retentiveness in a Church Setting."

I think we talked about making that our new moto in our last staff meeting...

Just kidding! The lighting head's aren't so much about our whole pursuing excellences thing as they are about saving time and people energy! Who wants to stand on a piece of tape on the floor while some guy aims lights...not me!

Friar Tuck said...

Sounds like things went well

Kim Traynor said...

Hi Clint, the conference went great! I wanted to get you the Groppel tape, but the dude was talking a mile a minute and it's hard to follow so I'm going to wait until the Promiseland Conference (on the 15th) and see if he does a better job at that one.