Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oil Painting Landscape

I'm taking a six week oil painting class at ECC taught by local artist, Louis Padro. This is last weeks effort. It measures 16x20 and represents about 1hr 50min of painting. I didn't get to put in the patchy little fields on the far hill, but maybe I'll do that once it has dried a little more.

Sorry about the photo quality, I'm having a hard time eliminating reflections on the shiny oil surface so I had to take this photo with barely any lighting.

In tomorrow's class we're going to be using palette knives to create a still-life. I'm really looking forward to that!


Andy said...

I always like your landscapes, Kim. I was going to suggest a oouple of little cows off in the distance, but I really don't think it could get any better. The oil paintings may cost you a little more in time and supplies, but you'll make it back for sure and you can sure do things with oil you can't do with watercolors - like still-lifes with a knife.



Friar Tuck said...

good pic