Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An Afternoon in the City

Malachy was a very good boy at the Art Institute. He was unimpressed by Monet and Degas, but he loved seeing his Great Aunt Dee Dee, the big lion statues, and the pigeons.
Have you guys seen these bad boys? Twin glass towers, water streaming down all sides, moving images projected on the opposing walls from within, and a reflective pond in between. The images seemed to usually be different faces staring silently across at each other, sometimes smiling, sometimes frowning, blinking...weird. Our photos don't do it justice, you have to check it out.

The skyline looking north from the fountain-face-tower-thingys in Millenium Park.
The famous bean! Way bigger and cooler than I thought it would be! The reflection is so seamless and huge that it fills your field of vision and you feel like you are looking through it into a strange alternative-universe Chicago.
Steph and I in the belly of the bean. Try walking through there looking up and your likely to land on your face! A carnival fun house has nothing on the bean! Inside it curves upward into a dome. I tried to count my reflection inside of it but I started getting sea-sick and had to leave!
Not your granddaddy's Chicago.


Crystal said...

OH MAN what a COOL picture of you and Steph in the bean belly. SOOO AWESOME!

Thanks for coming to visit Emily and me yesterday! Also thanks for wanting to baby-sit today it made me smile today when I thought about it. =o)

Scott said...

I was in the architect's office that designed those two towers just before they built them. They kind of described what they were going to be like and I think I said, "Oh cool, so you can pretty much play any type of video on those screens you want then?" And the architect just stared back at me blankly and said, "No, we're just going to put faces on them"

I said, "Oh."

Friar Tuck said...

I love the art museum.

and who is that good lookin brunette holding the little guy in one of the first pictures.

wink wink smile.

Glad you had fun!

Crystal said...

It's true Kim you're HAWT!!!!