Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beginnings of Two Still-life Paintings

My FMS has been a little exhausting lately, so I've stopped doing commissions until I have more energy, but I'm still trying to do a little painting here and there when I have the time and energy. Here are a couple of still life paintings I've started this weekend. (To those of you paying attention - I still haven't finished Emily or Malachy, I'll post when I get further with those.)

Rather than arranging the subject and then trying to figure out how to keep the cats away in between sessions I've opted to use reference photos from One is a bowl of lemons, the other is a glass platter of lemons and limes. The first is on a 16x20 canvas and the second is on a 16x20 illustration board. The underpainting is done in black and white acrylic, but I plan to finish them in oil (something I've seen in Helen Van Wyk videos but never done myself!)


Crystal said...

Kim those are beautiful!

Hey, did you get to hear Lee talk today? He was AWESOME!!! Just AWESOME!!

Kim Traynor said...

I did, I was sitting with YOUR parents! I ran into them down in Promiseland and since I didn't have any one to sit with they invited me to come along with them. Good times.

I agree, Lee was great. With him around this week it has brought back so many Willow memories from our highschool days.

I'm still reading the DaVinci code. Reading it has made me realize that we do expect a certain amount of accuracy in even our fiction reading. When an author weaves in details about real places and real people you just sort of expect that the details are accurate. For example, the whole thing about the Louvre pyramid having 666 panes of glass - not true, and it's just thrown into the story like it's an interesting factoid when it's just nonesense. It's irritating because you catch yourself going "ah, that's interesting, I never heard that before," and then you wonder - did I never hear it because it's obscure or did I never hear it because it's another one of Brown's fabrications?

Dinger said...

Those paintings look really great! Your diligence is inspirational to me!
I hope you feel a lot better today.