Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter pictures

Stephanie, Mark, Malachy, Dad and I went to the 8am Easter service at church (the one with free Krispy Kreme and coffee!)
As a painter, it is pretty inspiring to walk into the auditorium and see 15 giant paintings hanging from the ceiling!
The service opened up with Mark Demel (the creator of the comics I posted a while ago) doing sand art on a light box. He would graceful wave his hand this way and that and, as if by magic, an image would appear. The another wave and the image would fade under another handful of sand. A few more waves and, without even realizing it another image has emerged. I could have watched him do that all day! I hope he'll do that at the arts conference because more people should get to see it! Steph, Dad and I.
We tried to get a Stanger family photo in front of some of the art in front of the stage but Malachy was ready to go see Mommo.

Here we are at Steph's eating the wonderful brunch Mommo prepared.
One of the highlights of Malachy's Easter was walking my cat, Piper.
One of Piper's highlights was nibbling on the fresh Spring grass.
Malachy's mama and dada got him an Elmo's head Easter basket. Does anybody else get the heeby-jeebies looking at that thing?
In the afternoon Lauren came over with flowers for Mom, and Steph made a sign for our little soldier, Noah.


Crystal said...

Cute pics, I love the one of you with Malachy where he is walking your cat.

No heebie jeebies here. =o)

Bobbie said...

Hi Kim. It was fun talking to you today while we were disassembling all of those easel! Yeah! Enjoyed seeing your art too. Bobbie

Friar Tuck said...

I loved this post!

Such sweet family moments!

Steph Stanger said...

You have some of the silliest cats! I'm glad Piper enjoyed her walk with Malachy!

Lauren said...

If I'd have known I was to be photographed (and I should have expected it since I was stopping by the Stanger's -- but only for a minute) I would not have worn jeans and a sweatshirt on Easter... (but my grandparents' house isn't formal and I was tired.)

Kim Traynor said...

Hi Crystal - you should try the leash thing with Pippy.

Hi Bobbie! I loved talking with you - thanks for putting up with all my questions! :) I hope I'll see you around.

Happy be-lated Easter, Bubba!

Hi Lauren, I'm wearing jeans in that picture too, so no condemnation from me.