Monday, April 06, 2009

April Snow

Spring is such a flippin' tease. Some of my daffodils are just moments away from opening and then, thump, they get 2.5" of wet, heavy snow dumped on their tiny heads. Around the time we went to bed my lilac bush was nearly doubled over under the weight of the snow clinging to its branches and I had to go out and shake it off. Well, I don't know if had to, but I didn't like seeing it that way, and after losing my tulips I'm feeling more protective than ever of my remaining plants.

When I woke up this morning it was like we had jumped back in time by a month or two. The floor was cold, there was no bird song, and each room was bathed in the cool, wan light. It was kind of eerie. So I snapped off a few pictures and went back to bed.

Now, several hours later, the snow is half gone and a few irrepressible birds are chirping. Hopefully, Spring will be back on track before we know it.


Andy said...

Teah, Weird, huh. Love

Anonymous said...

I meant "yeah", but I'm sleepy.
Hopemyou have fun co;oring eggs tomorrow.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Too funny, Dad :P The egg coloring thing did not work out - I'm not feeling so great today. Love ya!

Andy said...

Whoah, there's an imbecile out there with the same name as me.