Friday, April 24, 2009


Amazing. The sun has been gone for hours, and it is still so warm that I'm sitting here in my shorts with the windows up and the ceiling fan going. I love it!

This is great gardening weather. I transplanted my remaining impatiens and lavender plants into larger containers, pulled some weeds, and fed my irises and peonies. I'm really pulling for the peonies and irises this year because last year they were absolutely sad to look at. The peonies were patchy and small, not even the ants were interested, and only one of the irises actually got around to blooming. Tomorrow I want to rake (again), pull more weeds, bundle up sticks to take out on trash day, and do some prep work for the veggie garden. I'm putting off mowing until the last possible moment because we have a clover problem and I heard letting the grass grow tall early in the season helps keep clover under control.

We also made it out to the Half Priced Books today. Books are not, strictly speaking, a necessity in these tough economic times. But when they are used and discounted I always manage to leave the store with one or two. This time I got Seeking the Face of God by Gary L. Thomas (author of two of my favorite books on marriage, Sacred Marriage and Sacred Influence) and Black Mountain Breakdown by Lee Smith (one of the best Southern writers around.)

Right now Ross is on his way back from the city where he was networking with other video game developers. It's been a pretty good week in the job search and we are feeling hopeful. He had a phone interview today with a San Francisco based company and has an on-site interview with a local company next week. Praying hard!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another deliciously warm day. We're going to try to swing by the Stangers' for a visit before Mark's mother, Donna, has to go back to Iowa and then it's on to church in the evening for the second week of Celebration of Hope.

Finally, if you haven't already seen it over on iblogo, here is a little video for your viewing pleasure: