Friday, April 03, 2009

Kitten and Toy

I hoped to finish at least one miniature painting today but had such a hard time choosing a subject that I got a late start and only got this far.

Hey, at least it's paint on paper. It seems like that is rarer and rarer these days. I found a bunch of note cards that I used to keep over my desk and re-posted them today, hoping they will give me a little nudge.

One has sayings from Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. Kinda corny, but they really speak to the stupid anxieties that block me from sitting down to paint.
"Creativity is play!"
"Leap and the net will appear!"
"Quantity, not quality."

And I posted this old note card, because it makes me laugh:

Grandma Moses on painting; "I don't advise anyone to take it up as a business proposition unless they really have talent, and are so crippled as to deprive them of physical labor."

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Steph Stanger said...

Good job kim! Paint on paper! Way to be. I loved when you were doing the Artist Way btw. I have never seen you more motivated and generaly content as the days you would start out with some Bible time and a little Artist Way. Keep up the good work!