Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Random Ten

I haven't done one of these in ages! You set your music player to shuffle, hit play, and write down the first ten songs that play.
  1. Enemy Fire, Gold by Ryan Adams
  2. She's So Liquid, Perfumed Letter by Bill Mallonee
  3. Know My Heart, Conversations by Sara Groves
  4. One Man Wrecking Machine, Gangin' Up on the Sun by Guster
  5. Jesus Blood, Glo by Delirious?
  6. Yahweh, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb by U2
  7. Glory and the Dream, V.O.L. by Vigilantes of Love
  8. Satellite, Gangin' Up on the Sun by Guster
  9. My Name is Jonas, The Blue Album by Weezer
  10. So Far Away, Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits
Hey, Mr. Mandy Moore opens the shuffle! I think I bought Gold after hearing "Le Cienega Just Smiled" on Felicity. I remember listening to that album as I scrubbed away at years of tarry residue on the kitchen cabinets at the old house on Oregon when Mom and Dad put it on the market.

Vigilantes of Love (7) always reminds me of college, I used to fall asleep listening to V.O.L. and have the craziest dreams. Trains, bones, rivers, whispers, and wind. On the other hand, Bill Mallonee (2), formerly of Vigilantes of Love, reminds me of the slow unraveling that was 2001-2004, so I don't listen to him much anymore.

I love "My Name is Jonas" (9). Ross turned me on to The Blue Album in the first few weeks of our relationship. It quickly became a staple (along with a Red Bull) of the 40 minute drive from Elgin to Chicago to see him.

There's a lot of history with Delirious? (4). When I was a freshman in college I used to play U2 non-stop. I was sort of famous (infamous?) for it. So when my suite-mate, Darcy, heard about a Christian band that was taking the UK by storm with its U2-ish sound she had her boyfriend, a missionary there, send her a bootleg copy of Cutting Edge and gave it to me. I was a janitor at the time and I played that tape to death mopping floors and emptying trash cans in the Spoelhof Center. Nearly 10 years later a Delirious? concert was one of Ross and my first dates.

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