Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Stuff

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent
Thanks to Crystal for sharing the wonder that is Susan Boyle! Ross and I have watched that video half a dozen times already. Love it!

Entertainment Weekly discusses the Friday Night Lights season finale.
Last week was the season 3 finale of our beloved Friday Night Lights. You know, the best show on TV?

Follow-up on the 2.25 million strong Red Envelope Day campaign.
March 31st was Red Envelope Day, a letter writing campaign to raise awareness of the enormous human toll of abortion in this country. The movement was completely ignored by main stream media, but at the white house it was impossible to ignore.

James Griffioen blogs his explorations of crumbling Detroit (and other things.)
James Griffioen was one of the guests on NPR's The Story today, talking about his wanderings through the decaying and plundered ruins of Detroit. More than ever, I find the plight of Detroit to be poignant and kinda terrifying.

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