Saturday, July 25, 2009

Art Class and South Carolina

I went to my third oil painting class last night. Each day's class has had a completely different set of people. Apparently no one in Lombard has quite as much spare time as I do, lol. I started a landscape painting based on a lesson by Anita Hampton in one of Gerry's art books. Gerry once again commented on how quickly I paint. I usually paint alone so I had no idea I painted faster than other people. I chalk it up to a) nervousness bordering on neurosis, b) impatience to cover up mistakes, and c) the niggling knowledge that if I don't finish it quickly I will probably become bored with it and never finish it at all! Still, I wonder if I would paint better if I slowed down?

I am loving my art class, but my Fibromyalgia is not. When I paint I have to stand up or my elbows and forearms tend to get in the way. But when I stand up for two hours my legs turn to granite and my hips to oatmeal (special granite and oatmeal with millions of pain sensors.) I'm hoping that my body will adjust after a couple of weeks.

Next week I will only get to go to class on Tuesday, because Wednesday we are hitting the road! Ross's cousin, Trevor, is getting married in Mount Pleasant, near Charleston, on Friday. We don't have money to fly so we are going to drive down there instead, spending the night in Knoxville on the way. Thursday night is the rehearsal dinner, Friday night is the wedding, and Saturday everyone is hanging out at the beach. We will probably head back on Sunday morning. Ross is very excited, I am still trying to summon up my more adventuress side. This picture of Mt. Pleasant helps a little ;)


Andy said...

I get the Pleasant part

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Lol, if I find a mountain there I'll let you know!