Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oil Painting Class

Last week I was at Hobby Lobby looking for frames for the adorable paintings Steph gave me when the lady helping me mentioned that a frame I was looking at was a favorite of the students at their oil painting class. I've been wishing lately that I had someplace air conditioned and well lit to paint (my upstairs office is neither) so this caught my attention. It turns out that this Hobby Lobby has an oil painting class that meets three times a week and is just $10 a session! They had a cork board posted near the front door with pictures of the students' paintings and I was pretty impressed by what I saw. It wasn't the usual decorative flowers or Bob Ross imitations that you see in craft store classes. So I called the instructor and got the information and tonight I am going to my first class! I am so excited!


Janett Sue said...

How fun! Enjoy!

Steph said...

really excited for you Kimbo! Yee haw!

Andy said...