Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Car Drama

The Yukon is back from the shop, life is good!

Back on July 1st I pulled the Yukon onto the driveway from the street where it had been parked while the roof was being replaced. As I was about to get out of the car I noticed that I had parked it too close to the flower bed and it was blocking sunlight. I started the car up again, planning to move it forward a few feet, but as soon as the engine turned over it died. I tried several more times with the same result. The next day, the same thing. Ross talked to his parents (who had given us the car on our latest trip to Raleigh) and they said they had had the same problem, but thought that it was fixed when they replaced the fuel pump.

So we decided we would take it into a GMC shop when we got back from our MI trip. Surprisingly, when we got back, the Yukon started up without any problem! We took it in anyway, because when you have a car you would like to feel somewhat confident that it will start when you need it to, and if it was the fuel pump the Cangelosis ought to be able to get a refund from their mechanic. But after playing around with it for three days at the shop they couldn't figure out what the problem might have been. They washed it and gave it back to us.

Not the most satisfying outcome, but the Yukon looks clean and spiffy, it's running fine, and we didn't have to pay $600 dollars for a new part. (Knock on wood. )

I've had a lot of car troubles in my life but this one really got me, and I think the reason was the timing. The car broke down right after my rose bush was crushed, and right before Ross's job interview - I was feeling incredibly vulnerable the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Hopefully, if the Yukon goes out again I won't take it so personally!


Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Andy said...

You're handling things well, the mini-vacation was god for you