Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Glasses on the Way and Accomodations Confirmed for Next Week

Last month I went to the DMV to get my new Driver's License and had an awful time with the vision test. I was squinting and wiggling my head around and I just couldn't say for sure how the last line read. So today I went in to Lenscrafters and got an eye exam. Sure enough, I'm a little more nearsighted than I was before. (No surprise, I think I've probably had to get a new prescription every two to three years since I was 12.)

When it came to picking out glasses, I took a leap and chose wire frames. I just didn't feel like having clunky plastic frames anymore. They won't be ready until I get back from South Carolina, so I'll let you know then if I think I made a major mistake! Fortunately, they did have my contacts in stock, so I picked up two boxes of 30 lenses each for just $20. I don't wear contacts that often so that is perfect for me.

Poor Ross spent the afternoon trying to pin down details for the hotel in South Carolina. Apparently whoever took the reservation mis-spelled the name. A common enough mistake, but it took three phone calls to them to get them to realize it. The most frustrating thing is that even after he told them that he should have a reservation there they didn't offer to look for it and call him back or anything. It was just, "no you don't, sorry." Oh well, better to go through that silliness now than when we are standing there with our luggage, exhausted from the drive!

Since now I know where we are staying I looked up pictures! Eeek! it looks awesome!


Andy said...

Maybe they'll give you a case to protect your wire framed glasses. Mope you have a wonderful time.

Love to you and Ross

Andy said...



Mom says your cats are fat.