Thursday, April 15, 2010

36 Weeks Pregnant (And Kinda Grumpy)

I had a less than inspiring OB appointment today. It was with a nurse practitioner (and not the one I met with last week, a new one.) She didn't know anything about the ultrasound Dr. Carter said I should get this week, so she put in an order for one and I should hear from them soon.

One of the reasons I was really looking forward to the u/s is because I've been worried about Remy's position. I've tried "belly mapping" with no luck. So I asked the nurse to check for me.

She started palpating my belly and after a minute said he seemed to be head down. Then she got out the doppler, but she found his heartbeat where she didn't expect it to be. So she palpated my belly again and then tried the doppler on the other side, and found the heartbeat there as well. "Do you have two in there?" she asked. Like I was keeping it a secret so I could surprise everyone on the big day! "No, should just be the one." So she switched back to the other side and decided it sounded more authentic and the other one was simply the echo. She thought about it for another minute and decided that he is probably not head down, but rather diagonal. Yup, that sounds like my guy. Come on Remy, give your mama a break and get your head down where it's supposed to be!

During all this she informed me I was having a contraction. I couldn't feel it but I think I've had several more this afternoon. Thank you, uterus, keep up the good work.

Still have no idea if I've started to dilate yet, but next week I'll meet with Dr. Carter again and maybe we'll check then.

Pregnancy Woes of Late
  • burst capillaries all over my legs
  • constantly hot and sweaty
  • getting ridiculously bad sleep
  • hungry all the time and too tired to cook
  • have fallen off the no-caffeine wagon
  • too tired to read
  • lots of new stretch marks on my belly
  • soooo bored
Yay God
  • I like it when Remy sticks out his bum or his heels and I can rub them!
  • We ordered a super-comfy looking glider and it should be here by the end of the month.
  • Lost and Doctor Who have been awesome, and provide much needed distraction.
  • Well stocked with baby stuff.
  • Mom and Steph will be here next month!
  • Remy will be here next month!


Steph said...

Hang in there Kimbo!! Pretty soon things will never be the same again! So exciting! Sorry for the challanges! Glad you are feeling more prepared! Looking forward to that ultrasound!

Janett Sue said...

Love You!