Monday, April 05, 2010

Wandering Rain Showers and our Second 2010 Earthquake!

It's a beautiful day here Vegas. Crisp and bright and colorful. The surrounding mountains are wreathed in clouds but the sky overhead is blue and sunny. I went out for a short walk and found myself being pelted with rain. I Looked up into the crystal clear skies to see hundreds of rain droplets sparkling in the clear, sunny air. This mysterious little shower lasted for half of my walk!

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with a wonderful family, also from Chicago, and some of their friends. After finishing up a delicious meal we were all sitting around the table talking when the chandelier overhead began to rock and swing. This lasted for about minute, and we all puzzled over the cause until about a half hour later the news announced an earthquake on the Baja California/California border! So we've experienced two earthquakes in very unlikely places this year!

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