Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fourth of July Fireworks

Last year we watched the fireworks from the edge of the apartment complex, which looks east out over the city and is an amazing view. This year, though, we wanted to be a little closer to the action. We went over to Red Rock Resort and Casino, our favoritest place, and snagged a parking spot at the corner of the top deck of the parking garage. Then we went downstairs and put Remy in Kid's Quest while we had dinner and played slots until it was show time. We picked up a happy but groggy little buddy and went back up to the car. Our spot at the corner of the top level ended up being the best place to view the fireoworks from, but probably the worst place to exit from. We were stuck up on that parking deck for about a thousand years. Luckily we are home now and so I am able to post some pictures.

Remy wants to know what the heck we are doing here at this ungodly hour (approximately 8:45pm.)
Oh, this is why we are here.

Remy was a little freaked out by the fireworks but with his trusty blanky by his side he never really lost his cool.

Daddy stayed close by to reassure him during the extremely boomy finale.

Beautiful fireworks, way to go Red Rock, but if we come back next year we will probably park somewhere else, or just bring a sleeping bag and camp out on in the parking garage.

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