Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soothes my Soul

This is the straight-out-of-the-camera gorgeousness that greets me from our balcony at the end of the day. With a view like this I think it wouldn't be a bad thing if Ross and I spent the rest of our lives renting this cozy, little apartment.

I also get to see hummingbirds on a regular basis, but so far they have all been brown. Maybe we don't have the spectacular jewel colored hummingbirds out here? I need a field guide to Nevada trees and birds...I never know what I am looking at!

The balcony garden is doing well. I have to water everything constantly, even the drought resistant plants, or they start to fail. Fortunately for my thirsty little plants, Mom will be here to take over watering duties when we go on vacation next month.

Next month! Wow, that feels good to month, next month, next month! Okay, I'll stop now.

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