Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oahu Bound

Last time we flew, Remy was still using an infant car seat which clicked conveniently into his stroller, so we were able to just push the whole kit n caboodle around the airport without too much difficulty. Now, however, he is a big boy and he has a big boy car seat that is tall and wide and has innumerable confusing straps and buckles. The monstrosity most definitely is NOT stroller compatible. Solution (I hope!): JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag.

Doesn't this look insanely comfortable? Ross is gonna be SO lucky.

Or, if Ross is not feeling particularly heroic, we can just try this...

It should get here today. With "Ultimate" in the name, I have high hopes!

(photos from Amazon)

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Steph said...

LOL! Sara's partner Liz had something similar but it was more like straps so you just wear the car seat on your back. Sara is taking Lee and Elsie to Florida next month, flying alone! I love how she just does stuff.