Saturday, August 11, 2012

Global Leadership Summit pt. III

John Ortberg, Steph's picture for the WCA

The Global Leadership Summit wrapped up yesterday. I had a busy day so I missed a large chunk of tweets, but these ones gave me plenty to think about!

You want people to understand your vision? Over-communicate it! -Patrick Lencioni 
A core value is something you are willing to be punished for. -Patrick Lencioni 
People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed -Samuel Johnson quoted by Lencioni 
When angry, you'll make the best speech you will ever regret. -William Ury 
The biggest obstacle to resolution is not conflict, it is yourself. You need to find a place of clarity. -William Ury 
When negotiating, go to a mental balcony, give yourself perspective. -William Ury 
One of the greatest powers we have in negotiation is the power not to react. -William Ury 
Be soft on people, be hard on the problem. -William Ury 
The goal of negotiating success is not to elminiate conflict, it is to reach a decision that works for everyone. -William Ury 
The cheapest concession you can give someone in a negotiation is basic human respect; listen to them. -William Ury 
Too often we argue over Christianity rather than marveling over Jesus. -John Ortberg 
God is a father filled with unquenchable love for every person in the world. -John Ortberg 
What if the man association people made with Christians this election season was 'humility'? -John Ortberg 
Galations 3:28 was the first expression of egalitarianism in this history of literature. -John Ortberg
Conference attenders on break, Steph's picture for the WCA

 Gungor back stage, Steph's picture for the WCA

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