Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's Up

  • Still no word on "my" house.
  • Ross and I are trying to get back into the habit of dates! This week he wants to go to LBS. for fried cheese curds. 
  • Yoga tomorrow. I love yoga. *sigh*
  • Remy's new lady came for the first time on Wednesday...and promptly informed me that she is now leaving for a vacation and won't be back until the 10th. This is so typical of everything surrounding Remy's situation that it is getting pretty darn funny.  
  • But the fact that it is funny, and not infuriating, is a sign of what I told Remy's speech therapist on Tuesday; I am the least worried about Remy that I have been in months and months. Almost a year, actually. Wow.  
  • Remy can no say Mama, Dada, No, and even complicated things like "where are you?", "splish, splash, splosh", "thump, thump, air." He babbles to himself all day long, and it is such a beautiful noise.  

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