Saturday, May 21, 2005

Amber Painting

As opposed to the previous watercolor paintings, (see Couch Cat, Napping Cat, and Gray Cat) which were all a mix of transparent and opaque paints, this one was done entirely in transparent watercolors. You can really tell the difference. I find the transparent to be frighteningly unpredictable over large areas (like backgrounds) but my opaque backgrounds always dry much too dark. They remind me of one of those cheesy black-velvet numbers!

Anyway, I like this one. It's based on a photo I got at Wet Canvas of a cat named Amber. She reminds Steph and I of our fat, grumpy girl, Gracie.

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tory dolan said...

Hey Kim!
I was so suprised to read your comment on my blog. Wasn't sure how you stumbled across it until I saw that you had Kelly's link on your page. At first I thought you came across it via Relevant. Anyway, I love your paintings - you're really talented! Thanks for stopping by my blog - the world of blogging can bet quite addicting, can't it? Anyway, hopefully we'll chat soon. Tell Steph and Mark I say hi.