Thursday, May 19, 2005

New Community

Dropped Malachy off with mommo and poppo last night and met Steph for New Community. I got there early so we could catch up on Purpose Driven Life for small group on Friday but got distracted showing her my new blog and the poor girl is still on Day Two. Those first few chapters are real snoozers.

There was a guest worship leader named David Lubben. Apparently it's his second time here, but I must have missed the first. He reminded us a little of Aaron, but had a more child-like quality to him. He appeared to be barefoot, which takes guts to do in front of Bill. Folks seemed a little distracted during the first half of worship (I think we were all a little giddy from the nice weather) but he really got everyone's attention when he told the story of how God saved his marriage. Steph and I even teared up a little.

They played a promo for Summit...that thing oughta get an oscar for best short short film! Made me want to go to Summit and I don't even have the gift of leadership! However, I am planning on going to the Arts Conference in June. I don't do production any more, thanks to the FMS, and I don't think there are any break outs for writers or painters, but Act I sounds like it's going to be great. Nicole Nordeman, National Geographic-guy, John Ortberg...all good!

Mike gave the message. What I like most about Mike, and there is a lot to like, is his contagious enthusiasm for the Word. You can't walk away from one of his messages without realizing that the Word really is our food and drink, that it is what we hunger and thirst for, that it is what fills us up and keeps us going.

Afterwards we ran into Doug and Jen and reminisced about the good old days; working eleven hours every Sunday, using up all our vacation days for Blast and Sandblast, watching people we loved moving on to other things...sigh. Obviously God had other things in store for us, and I wouldn't go back even if I could, but I do miss the little family that we all were back in those days.

Speaking of the old family, Brett and Chad are coming over for dinner on Monday. And we saw Joel at NewC a few weeks ago. Must be something in the stars.

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