Sunday, May 22, 2005

Strange Day

Mom is in the emergency room so your prayers would be appreciated. It looks like a pretty straightforward case of diverticulitis, but we're still waiting on test results...

It's been a busy day today. I spent the night at the Stangers' and Malachy woke me up with his crying at 5:30am (only three and half hours after I finally managed to tear myself away from the computer.) At 7:30 Steph and I left for church. Rather than go to big church (which was doing a married people/single people thing) I decided to go to Promiseland, grades 2-3, and see first-hand what Steph does there.

It was awesome! I used to volunteer as the stage manager at Impact and expected something similar, only on a smaller scale. Wrong! Audience participation seems to play a huge part in the message-half of their program (the second half is dedicated to small groups) so the rehearsal was more about working the team up to a contagious frenzy than nailing down cues and ironing out transitions. As the teacher, Sandy (she's good!), and a student helper, shouted, danced and sang their way through the rehearsal, my sister, back in the booth, shouted, danced and sang right a long with them. It was so fun!

The first program started at 9. They are learning the 5 Gs so they started with some really high energy marches (it's a camp theme) to help the kids remember the first two Gs covered; Grace and Growths. Steph told me that usually they would do some worship songs at this point in the service. They then calmed down (just a little) and dove into the fruits of the spirit. After Sandy and her helper went back and forth describing a few of the fruits a couple of highschool students came up and did a drama about two boys who get lost in the woods at camp. After this the kids were asked to identify which fruits were exhibited in the drama and then were dismissed to small groups.

I am so glad I got to see this! Now I know why parents around church are so bonkers over Promiseland.

We left right as the 11:15 program was starting because we found out Mom was going to the hospital. We spent several hours there and came home to take naps, but my stupid blog addiction got the best of me.

...Dad just called. Dr says the diverticulitis is severe and Mom may need surgery, so he is admitting her. Mom has had more surgery than anyone I know. She put off going to the hospital for eight days because she was afraid that this would happen. Please keep her in you prayers.

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