Sunday, May 22, 2005

Mom's Hospital Adventure '05, Part I

Steph and I went back to the hospital to sit with Mom before visiting hours were over. She was wearing one of those oxygen tubes in her nose and sitting on the edge of her bed looking looking confused and much older than her 54 years. We got her to sit back in her bed and pray with us and soon we were all feeling much better.

Her doctor was not able to come by to talk to her today and the e.r. doctor was, as Steph's e.r. doctor was last time we were there, quite vague. Her nurse, Grace, was a little more helpful. She said Mom will probably be in the hospital two or three days as they administer high doses of antibiotics and do some more tests to determine if surgery is needed. She brought Mom a veritable feast of clear liquids; jello, applejuice, gatorade, 2 cups of ice, a popsicle and can of sierra mist. Mom was practically giddy!

Tomorrow I've got to get a painting framed and in the mail for a charity auction I promised to participate in, but I'm pretty much free the rest of the day, so I'll be able to spend some time at the hospital and I'll keep y'all updated.

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