Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cat at the Window

This one's a few months old. It was a lot of fun to paint, but I think I would like it better without the cat. The photo I was using as a reference showed a cat looking out a window on a sunny day and I changed that to a winter night without changing the light source from front to back. Oh well, live and learn!

[I was nervous about putting this one up but Steph encouraged me, saying "the cat's ugly, not your painting." That's a good one, I'll remember that in the future!]

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It is transparent watercolors on Arches 140lb. Measures about 8" wide by 11" tall.


Scott said...

Kim, cool painting.

Maybe you could put a link on each painting you do to it's auction. That might be cool.

Kim Traynor said...

Thanks Scott, that's a good idea!