Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday's Random Ten, Pt 3

I know it's Saturday, but I did the shuffle deal on Friday so I'm still calling it Friday's Random Ten. Better late than never!
  1. Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies (Rock Spectacle)
  2. Everyman's Daughter - Over The Rhine (Good Dog Bad Dog)
  3. Help - The Beatles (1)
  4. The Last Laugh - Mark Knopfler with Van Morrison (Sailing to Philidelphia)
  5. Wild Honey - U2 (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
  6. Who Knows When the Sunrise Will Be? - Vigilantes of Love (V.O.L.)
  7. Loneliness - Annie Lennox (Bare)
  8. Billy Brown - Third Day (Wire)
  9. Down and Out of Time - Sixpence None the Richer (Divine Discontent)
  10. On Every Street - Dire Straits (On the Night)
  • Coolest Duet - Last Laugh. And that album is pretty stinkin' awesome too!
  • Album I Played So Much I Actually had Dreams About It - V.O.L. (it was my first vigilante's cd)
  • Song That Always Cheers Me Up - Wild Honey
  • Voice to Launch a Thousand Girl's Ships - Mac Powell, Third Day, rrrrow
  • Most Beautiful Sad Song - On Every Street
Good shuffle this week!

Howard had a good shuffle this week, plus he links to other FRTs you might want to check out.


howard said...

Just a question: is your copy of Good Dog Bad Dog the independent (1996) release, or is it the Virgin/Back Porch release from a couple years later? Either way, it's a good album, but the earlier release has a couple extra gems on it, including "Jack's Valentine." Just wondering.

btw, I heard the tail end of Buddy and Julie Miller on NPR last night -- they were performing at the stage beneath Carnegie Hall in NYC. What I heard of it was excellent, and I have to admit I'm not totally familiar with them yet, so I'm considering getting something of their's now.

And I always liked "Brian Wilson", but overall, nice list.

Kim Traynor said...

I've got the Virgin/Back Porch release. I used to just mooch it off an old roommate, but she's several states away now, so in '01 I finally got my own copy.

Universal United House of Prayer is the only Buddy Miller CD I have. I had heard Bill Mallonee talk about Buddy Miller at a concert, and seen a Julie Miller credit on Audible Sigh, but I didn't think of buying any of their music until I heard "There's a Higher Power" on a local radio station. Now it's one of my favorite cds of the year. Our library has some of Buddy and Julie Miller's older stuff, so I'm going to check that out when I finally pay my late fees :)

Lauren said...

Wow! Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits in the same shuffle!?! Good business.

Crystal said...

I like Third Day from this list, and that's about it. =oD

How was your weekend? Michigan was a lot of fun and it was so good to see Jami.