Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Time Flies When You're Watching TV

September Twenty-What?! Where did the last week go? Oh yeah, I think I may have seen it pass in the corner of my eye while I sat transfixed by the flicker and glow of my tv set. Didn't Thoreau once say, "I have watched prime-time television and made myself cheap and vulgar?" Something like that.

TV So Far:
Thumbs Up
  1. NBC's The Office (the BBC version is brilliant, but watching it had the surprising effect of dampening my anglophilia [maybe it was the inflatable penis.])
  2. Gilmore Girls (the premiere was gloomy, but last night was much better.)
  3. Survivor (Go Stephanie!)
Thumbs Down
  1. Arrested Development (the premiere wasn't even funny! I hope next week is better.)
  2. Medium (I think it was the soda-jerk outfits that did it for me, but the failure to cash in on last season's great cliff-hanger by jumping three months into the future was a little lame too.)
  3. Supernatural (maybe it's the Vancouver sets, but all I think about when I watch this show is how much I miss X-files.)
And tonight Lost is finally back!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Glad you're back! I don't have a TV so I depend on your posts!