Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Piper's Kids III

Piper had a very unpleasant visit to the vet's yesterday so, to make her feel better, I'm posting some new pictures of her babies.

This one is Tutters. He lives in St. Louis with Meghan.

He apparently enjoys destroying things. He has that in common with Piper.

This is Shadow who lives here in IL with Teresa and Stephen.

This is Whisper who lives with Teresa's parents. Whisper is Piper's Grandbaby. Beautiful eyes!

Thanks for being such a good mama and a good kitty, Piper. We love you!


Steph Stanger said...

WOW they make Piper look small!

Lauren said...

Just a correction: Meg's cat is named Tutter (no "s"). Just FYI.

I'm glad you found a use for the pics and I must say that Tutter is the most beautiful handsome of all the cats. Also, I think he is the biggest too. (Go Tutter!)

Crystal said...

Sorry Lauren I called him Tutters too. I think because of that what I heard the Traynor sisters call him.


Cute kitty cats Kim and Piper!

Lauren said...

It's okay, I just thought I'd let everyone in on the correct name is all.
Doesn't anyone wath Bear in The Big Blue House?? He is named after the mouse, Tutter on the show.

Crystal said...

Hey Kim, I saw Corey's new kitties tonight and they are just adorable. They were both so sweet; Emily loves Snuggles (she reminds her of Pippy!). Corey and Henry were both so cute with them. They will be such great cat owners!

Oh ya and Pippy is doing great!

Crystal said...

Lauren ~ My kids used to watch BITBBH when we had TV, I remember Tutter. Luna freaked me out and I hated Bear's voice. The kids liked the show though.


Anonymous said...

Kim, I just wanted to say thanks so much for cheif jr. and snuggles they are great kittens. They are getting along great. I will send some pics once I take some. Thanks again for my precious babies. Love, Corey Cooper