Saturday, September 03, 2005

Vacation Pics Part III: Aunt Ann's Wedding

After spending the night with Noah and Lauren at Fort Drum (and playing a mean game of "what if") we headed east, to the burbs of Boston, for Aunt Ann's wedding. She and John had a lovely out-door wedding where they exchanged rings that they had purchased that very morning at a local pawn shop. Uncle John's ring still had another woman's name engraved in it.

Here Ann's daughter, Aidan, comforts her new nephew, who is a little overwhelmed by all the excitement.

Congratualtions Ann and John!


Crystal said...

That guy sure looks like a Traynor!

Lauren said...

Its the gray hair and red face.

(Does everyone know that Noah is going gray??? Has been for years. I like to point out the gray hairs when we're watching his tv shows. It bugs him... I can't fathom why.)

Kim Traynor said...

Yeah, John's gonna fit right in! He's Irish and super-smart, like all the Traynors (from that generation I mean!)