Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friday's Random Ten

  1. Subtarranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead (OK Computer)
  2. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand (Franz Ferdinand)
  3. Downtown Lights - Annie Lennox (Medusa)
  4. How it is Between Us - Sara Groves (Conversations)
  5. Kit Carson - Bruce Cockburn (Nothing But a Burning Light)
  6. Lonestar - Norah Jones (Come Away With Me)
  7. I Can Wait - Steve Earle (Transcendental Blues)
  8. Sick of it All - Vigilantes of Love (Killing Floor)
  9. Climb On - Caedmon's Call (40 Acres)
  10. Full Force Gale - Van Morrison (The Best of..)
  • Best Song to Paint To - #1, Subtarranean Homesick Alien (When I was at Calvin I didn't take any art classes, but I did clean the bathrooms in the art department five days a week, and this album was ALWAYS playing down there, so I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.)
  • Song That is So Good it Makes You Drool - Take Me Out (Mark your calendars, new Franz Ferdinand coming out Oct. 4th!)
  • Best Album - Killing Floor (Motel Room, Earth Has No Sorrow, Strike While The Iron is Hot, River of head's gonna splode just thinking about how awesome that album is!)
  • Artist Who Talks Like My Sister Val - Sara Groves. Minnesota accents are so cute!


Friar Tuck said...

A few very cool things this week.

1. VAN MORRISON!!! (have you purchased the new album??)

2.) That you cleaned bathrooms at Calvin. A woman who has obvious class and talents like you do to also be blue-collar enough to janitorial work--THAT IS HOT (I know it is weird to hear the things that I think are hot!)

3.) What is the big deal about Bruce Cockburn???

Crystal said...

Kim is hawt!!

I love Sara Groves, but you know that.

don juan ~ Oh dear!

Kim Traynor said...

The most recent one I have is "What's Wrong with this Picture?" Haven't loaded it on the computer yet though. You a big Van Morrison fan?

Whadya mean what's the big deal with Bruce Cockburn? Eric Clapton was once asked "What does it feel like to be the greatest living guitar player?" and Eric Clapton said "I don't know, ask Bruce Cockburn." But actually it's his song writing more than his guitar playing that gets me. I love songwriters that sense the weight of history and place. Plus his compassion and heart for justice are pretty rare in songwriting these days.

If you think I have talents now you should see how quickly I can clean an entire public bathroom! I loved that job because it was zero pressure, a good workout, and I could listen to my walkman while I did it. Added bonus was getting over my fear of gross stuff. Cleaning a litter box is a cinch after cleaning public toilets for two years.

howard said...

Another good V.o.L. line:
"it ain't dying but related"

And I became obsessed with changing the blog template after I saw the ferris wheel photo you put above my link (if that makes sense).

Friar Tuck said...

I cleaned the office building at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School during my freshman year of college.

Sophomore year: kitchen, library, and tutoring

Junior year: Kitchen and library

Senior year: Kitchen mostly