Saturday, September 03, 2005

Vacation Pics Part II: Headin' Out

In July Steph, Mark and I headed out for our first vacation with baby. Because Lauren had so generously offered us the use of her Ford Escape in New York and Boston we decided to take the train from Elgin to Syracuse. I took this first picture as we sat on the platform at the downtown Elgin station. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The second picture is of Elgin's handsome like train station. It's not so cute on the inside. I haven't been inside in years, but I seem to remember the strong odor of urine last time.

The next picture is from Union Station in Chicago. This was the Thursday before July 4th, so the place was packed. We stood in line for about an hour just to board the train, and once we got on the thing was so packed that many passengers had to spend the first few hours in the lounge and dining cars.
The fourth picture shows Malachy and Steph on the train the morning we arrived in New York.


Sara said...

How neat - I love taking the train (we used to take the train to Chicago all the time, but i've never taken it other than that). Is it fun when you have sleeping cars and everything? Did you have sleeping cars? I'm not sure how that all worked. You're pictures are so cute.

Kim Traynor said...

The train was NOT fun. Maybe if we had used sleeper cars it would have been better, but we were crammed in with the masses and it was miserable!