Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Keeping Diaries (or Blogs)

"Of all the strange and unaccountable things this journalizing is the strangest. It will allow nothing to be predicted of it; its good is not good, nor its bad bad. If I make a huge effort to expose my innermost and richest wares to light, my counter seems cluttered with the meanest homemade stuffs; but after months or years I may discover the wealth of India, and whatever rarity is brought overland from Cathay, in that confused heap, and what perhaps seemed a festoon of dried apple or pumpkin will prove a string of Brazilian diamonds, or pearls from Coromadel."

-Thoreau, diary entry from 1/29/1841

Diamonds and pearls? Maybe if you are Thoreau. I would be happy to discover a little amber, maybe some quartz ;P

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