Sunday, March 01, 2009

Thanks, but No Thanks!

So, after all the whining and moaning I did yesterday, I've decided I'd rather not take the Methylprednisolone the dentist prescribed. I looked the stuff up online and came across a chiropractor who said that any dentist who would prescribe it for a dental issue is probably an idiot. Since it was not my dentist, but rather his partner who prescribed it, this is a possibility, and I'd rather not find out the hard way.

Since I don't have a fever, and my gums don't look red or inflamed, my fear is that Dr. McCall missed some of the nerve and I may have to go back for a second go at it. But I'm usually wrong about these things, and I am feeling a little better today, so I'm gonna try not to worry about it.

Lent has begun! I don't give up meat, sweets, or coffee for Lent - but I do have my own personal traditions, and it has always been a season of worship and rededication for me. This year I'm welcoming Lent with a mixture of relief and hope.

I baked up the last of a huge bag of apples we got at CostCo in a casserole dish covered with a crumb topping this afternoon. I don't have the patience for dough, so this is my kind of dessert to make. I'll try post pictures and the recipe soon.

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