Thursday, March 05, 2009

Taste of Spring, Part II

Ross and Piper playing around before our walk.
They live! My tulips are emerging!

My daffodils! I was afraid the bunnies ate them all, but nope, they left me a few!

My irises! These were here when we moved in. They are so overcrowded that last year only one bloomed so I'm gonna have to thin them out soon.

A good spot for a vegetable garden?


Lauren said...

As much as being unemployed is not usually a situation one would wish to see themselves in, I am very envious of all the time you guys have to get things done. I've been wanting to do a vegetable garden for the last two years. We've figured out the where, what, & how of it but it's the when that keeps us back. We have time for small projects that can be done in a day or two but anything that would take any significant amount of time escapes us. Also, there's the small matter of other projects always coming in before the less important projects.

I hope you get the veggie garden up and running soon!

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Hi Lauren! I just read that you are supposed to till the soil in the Fall before you plant so I hope it will still work! It's a pretty good spot, lots of sunshine, so it might be ok.

I know what you mean about projects - there always seems to be more to do that money or time will allow! But we definitely want to make the most of this period. It's a scary time, but it has its blessings for sure!