Friday, June 17, 2011

The blahs that won't go away

So I am nearly two weeks into being ill, and I am realizing that this is probably not a bug. A proactive and responsible person would, at this point, call her doctor and inquire about changes to her medication. This capable person would then be forced to play phone tag with various nurses and receptionists with only a 50% chance of actually ever speaking to the doctor. The final outcome would most likely be a recommendation to stay on all medications until scheduled appointment in July, but, so as not to appear uncaring, nurse would add "but call us back if things get worse."

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I should just call. Or maybe I will experiment with my medication, using myself as a guinea pig, and then shock and impress medical world with my findings.


Steph said...

aye aye aye! Sorry Kimbo! That is so hard! I hate when you have to play phone tag with doctors to get no answers! BOO!

Be sure to be taking your vitamins too, people always say that helps!

Janett Sue said...

The worse you feel the harder it is to deal with the doctors office. They either make you feel like an idiot for waiting so long or like and idiot for making to much of it but they always seem to manage to making you feel like and idiot. I think you should brace yourself for the abuse and call. You could just ask to have your appointment moved up. They love to fill in openings that come up.