Thursday, June 02, 2011

Remy's First Haircut, Before and After

I never intended to be the one to give Remy his first hair cut. However, when you are recovering from surgery...and taking certain prescribed find yourself doing strange things. I ordered Crocs, I bought a perfume without smelling it first, I painted my nails...and I cut my poor baby's hair. His hair is still pretty thin so I didn't cut a lot, just the sides and the back, but even so I still managed to give him a mostly bald patch about an inch above his right ear. C'est la vie.


Steph said...

I like his hair cut!! And your pictures are beautiful! So much personality! Love ya sister!

Crocks! Awesome, tell me how they are!

Jacqui Skibbens said...

Oh my gosh Kim! His haircut makes him look so grown up! So cute! :) You did a great job!!