Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meanwhile, in the Potted Garden...

There has been some excitement out on the balcony. For starters, spikey-mystery-plant has flowered. Tiny white and orange flowers, totally cute. I seriously don't remember this happening last year, so it was a happy surprise.

There is a new addition to the garden. A....I don't know, I accidentally threw away the container before writing down its name. I'll have to google it or it will be the dark-leafed-mystery-plant. I didn't mean to buy it, I went to Walmart looking for Verbena (per Clint's fine praise) and the woman told me they didn't have Verbena but that this was one of her favorites and since she was standing there expectantly and I didn't want to be rude I bought it. But I failed to notice a huge section of it was broken off and at the moment it is not looking too hot. Poor whatchamacallit.

Brace yourselves for this next set of pictures. Periwinkle, before and after. Since there are no squirrels around here, nor balcony climbing ninja bunnies, I think this must be the work of the disgustingly huge beetle I saw on the balcony yesterday. But maybe it is some weird fungus or disease? Whatever it is it makes me steaming mad and I am definitely going to have to google this one.

Please excuse the poor quality of the picture. Clearly I was emotional when I took this.

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Janett Sue said...

That was one hungry bug!