Friday, June 03, 2011

Thyroid Update

Things are going well since my surgery. Here is the picture of the incision the day after the surgery, and another picture taken today, two weeks after the first. MUCH better.

Now that I don't have a thyroid we are working on getting me on the correct dosage of synthetic thyroid hormone. Originally my endocrinologist prescribed 88mcgs of Levothyroxine daily but after looking at my blood work he has upped that to 112mcgs a day.

The calcium issue has been a little more confusing. After my visit to urgent care when it appeared that my parathyroid had stopped working I was put on Calcitriol and advised to take three tums a day. I upped that myself to 4 tums a day because I was still having the numbness in my hands. About a week later I got a call from the nurse at my endo's office and she told me that I could stop the calcitriol and tums altogether. That sounded fine to me since I had noticed when I skipped a tums or two I was still feeling fine. However, two days later she called back and said that the doctor would like me to go to two tums, and continue with the Calcitriol. Hmmm, very confidence inspiring. Anyway, he confirmed today at my appointment that that is what he wants me to do, so that is what I will do.

Oh, did I mention the pathology? Negative for cancer! And really that is the only thing that matters but I did find one thing interesting. Here is an excerpt from the diagnosis in the report: "Multinodular goiter with areas of fibrosis, and focal calcification and bone formation." Wait a minute, bone formation? I looked it up, it's called heterotopic ossification, the formation of bone outside of the skeleton. And it was happening in my thyroid. Gross.

Anywho, my next appointment is in a month. The doctor warned me sternly not to get pregnant in that time. Then I will have more blood work and an ultrasound to see how everything is looking under that pretty little incision. I am sure I will update you then, whether you want me to or not.

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Jacqui Skibbens said...

Looks like it is healing great! Glad you are healing up and feeling better!