Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pinch Me

Excuse me, but have I morphed into Gwenyth Paltrow? Or maybe a reality tv personality of some kind? Because I don't understand how this could be where I will be vacationing in two short months.

Ross's grandmother is putting together a family vacation in Oahu, Hawaii in August and we have been invited. This is the grandmother who gave us a trip to Los Cabos for our honeymoon, so she may actually be part fairy-godmother. I suspect that if she puts on a bathing suit we will see diaphanous little wings growing out of her back.

I have never been to Hawaii, and as you can see below, six years ago it wasn't even on my radar...but then several things happened and I developed a deep longing for the place. It started with that honeymoon in Mexico and the realization that Western Michigan might not actually have the finest beaches in all the world (I feel guilty just typing it.) Also, through five-day-a-week viewing of Wheel of Fortune, I became a connoisseur of "Prize Puzzle" vacations and learned that Hawaii was sort of the sh*t. Finally, I am a Lost fan. Who could watch Lost for all those years and not want to go to Hawaii? Mountains and jungles and Sawyer rising out of the sea dripping wet...

So I am breathless with excitement and will probably spend a lot of time over the next two months zoning out as I daydream about fun in the sun with a beautiful family in the magical land called Hawaii!



Janett Sue said...

It is just what you need. Looks wonderful!

Steph said...

amazing Kimmy!! So happy for you!