Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Did It!

Remy and I finally made it down to the pool yesterday. It wasn't our first time this year, but it was the first time the water was warm enough for the buddy to do more than just sit on my lap in the shallow end. He had mixed feelings about the experience. Normally he loves water...but he's used to warm, shallow water festooned with tiny shining bubbles and a bucket full of toys. When we first entered the pool he seemed wary, but okay. Then I tried to put him in his baby inner-tube thing and he thought I was pretty much trying to drown him. After that he went from wary to perpetually-on-the-verge-of-tears. Unless I was spinning round and round or swishing him through the water at high speeds while making whooshing and vrooming noises. That he absolutely loved. So I managed to get a work out and he managed to have a little fun and then we collapsed by the side of the pool, me on a chaise lounge and he in his stroller, and just rested there soaking in the warmth and zoning out in the delicious way one does after swimming. It is gonna be a hot weekend so we will see if we can get Ross down there with us next time!

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