Thursday, June 16, 2005

Art Conference IV

At Session IV Nicole Nordeman mentioned that her favorite time to create is between 12-2am. Just thinking of those hours made my fingers itch for a paint brush. I'm going through serious painting withdrawl. I used to do three or four paintings a week, now I'm lucky if I do one.

After New Community last night I was sitting in Dr. B's trying to decide how I was going to let this conference experience change me and my art. I thought about Dewitt Jones and the next right answer, I thought about Randall Wallace and creating emotions, but the thing that really hit me was that I needed to find more time for art. Since becoming a Nanny I have a lot less free time. I can't paint and baby sit at the same time. However I often blog and babysit at the same time. Why can't I take that blog time and apply it to something artistic, sketching or creative writing?

So I decided that from now on this blog is going to be more about my art (the good the bad and the ugly) and less about other stuff. The stuff that I create while I'm resisting the blog I'm going to try to post at the end of each day. Even though most of it will be embarassing, it will be a good way for me to stay disciplined and productive, and hopefully you guys will give me a little constructive criticism once in awhile.

Below are my most recent sketches.


Friar Tuck said...

Remember that artists bloom late generally, while scientists bloom early. So, be patient with yourself. Artistic work often requires discipline, but it does not happen by force. Remember God needed down time in the midst of his creative process even.

Kim Traynor said...

That is so interesting, I didn't know that.

Usually doing art feels a lot like down time, but when the pressure is on and it feels like work I've noticed I try to use my brain too much and it slows me down and I start making mistakes.