Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Arts Conference II

Last night was fun. We met Stuart at his hotel (Staybridge Suites in Schaumburg - S-weet!) last night. We got to meet the group from his church - really cool people. Then we all went to Portillo's for some chicago style dogs (though I might be the only person who ordered one.) We had some great conversations (I keep thinking of that frederick buechner quote; "all theology is auto biographical.") Chad showed us his awesome U2 iPod. I can't wait to get my own iPod. Then we went back to Steph's place so Mark could show us his break-out presentation on "Video in a Smaller Room." It was great. I'm not a video person, but I thought it was really informative. That Mark is pretty savvy with the power-point.

This morning I went to church to register for the conference. There were a few groups wandering around but the places was still pretty quite. I felt kind of wierd picking up an attenders tag instead of one of the familiar Here to Serve tags. Stragely guilty.

On the way home from registering I picked up a dozen and a half donuts thinking that would get us through the next few busy days, but it's starting to look like they might not even make it through tomorrow! I also got a big hazelnut coffee, which I spilled on my snazy blue polo trying to unlock the apartment door. I'm staying at Steph's so clothes are limited...it's drying on a hanger and I'm wearing it tomorrow, I don't care how many people saw me walking around it in today!

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Scott said...

Say, I'll trade you some CD's for those donuts...

mmmmmmmmm..... donuts