Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fibromyalgia Relief on the Way!

Forget cough syrup, this is much more exciting! And they say it will be out this summer!!!!

Here are some excerpts from the article;

What is O24?
O24 Fibromyalgia(TM) is the first product of its kind developed to specifically address the symptoms of long term pain associated with the fibromyalgia syndrome and is a patented and clinically tested, strong and safe, all-natural, over-the-counter health product. Swiss Medica is the owner, maker and distributor of this product. At today's press conference, Swiss Medica president Grant Johnson unveiled the packaging for the product - which he said will become available this summer at retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada.

NFA and Swiss Medica Team Up
According to Lynne Matallana, president and founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association, the agreement [promotional deal between Swiss and NFA] will be a great benefit to her 400,000 members. "The fibromyalgia community is desperate for safe, effective treatment options to help reduce FM symptoms, including long-term widespread muscle pain," she said. "Even though there are up to 11 million Americans suffering with FM, there have been only a few products developed and clinically tested to evaluate their effectiveness specifically for fibromyalgia pain. We are pleased that Swiss Medica has not only developed such a product, but is now committed to helping support patient service programs and future research implemented by the NFA to directly benefit the FM community."

Why Kim is Excited
The pilot study, conducted over a four-to-six week period, compared the O24 Fibromyalgia(TM) pain reliever against a placebo in patients suffering with fibromyalgia. 68 (51%) used a placebo. The other 65 (49%) used the O24 Fibromyalgia(TM) product.

For participants who used O24 Fibromyalgia(TM), more than 90 per cent of the patients reported mild to markedly better improvement on the 7-point Lanier rating scale. Nearly 54% reported moderately better or markedly better results using O24 Fibromyalgia(TM) instead of the placebo. About 80% of the placebo group reported no change in their condition and 13% reported a worsening of their condition. Only 7% reported mild improvement from the placebo. The clinical study was statistically peer-reviewed by Marko Katic, biostatistician at the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Studies (ICES). Dr. Ko has submitted his findings to a peer-reviewed medical journal for publication and previewed the results of his study on Saturday May 28 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada at the When the Body Forgets to Heal conference hosted by the Association of Complementary Physicians of B.C.

After doing a little more research I figured out that O24 Fibromyalgia (TM) is variation of 024 Essential Oil Pain Neutralizer, a topical product!

They've started using the original 024 in German hospitals to treat post-operative wounds and are having great success with it.


Lauren said...

There were only 133 participants in the trial? that is rather small.
Has it been replicated? If so, did the results support the original findings?

Kim Traynor said...

Fibromyalgia research has been less than stellar. The cough syrup study that has made such a big splash lately had only 14 Fibromyalgia patients in it! I have no idea why a disorder that effects so many people in such debilitating ways has received such half-assed attention, I guess it comes down to awareness.

It hasn't exactly been replicated. Before developing O24 Fibromyalgia(TM) a study was done using the original O24 formula. 41 FMS patients used the product three times daily and recorded their pain in a visual analogue system scaled from 0-100. The average pain loss was 61% after five days of use.

Richard Yung said...

I tried O24 and it showed AMAZING RESULTS!! I suffer from neck and upper back pain and the first time I used, I was completely pain free for about 6 hrs. Also, something I have discovered, the more often you use it the less product you need to apply for relief. Given that O24 is not exactly cheap that is a good thing.