Monday, June 13, 2005

Arts Conference I

Even though the conference doesn't start until tomorrow, today was supposed to be sort of an unofficial start for me because I was planning on helping Tiley and some of the other artists set up the exhibit. Steph and I showed up at 1 and wandered around the church for 45min before we were able to get a hold of Tiley. Turns out the set up starts at 6:30. I'll be out in Schaumburg visiting Stuart at 7 so I can't do the set up. I feel like such a jerk. Tiley was really sweet though, and said it would be fine if I did tear-down on Friday instead.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Stuart. Last time we saw him was Steph's wedding, and now he's married too! Man we are all getting old! He is a TD in a church in Fl and is attending the conferene with some people from his church. I'm kinda hoping I can tag along with them for some of the conference, this will be my first conference without Steph!

Tomorrow is probably going to be a little hectic. There are going to be three sessions and the first one doesn't even start until 1pm!

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