Friday, June 17, 2005

More on O24

This article is about a study done in Florida using the original O24. Instead of comparing it to a placebo, they compared it to another topical analgesic.

M.D. Says O24 Is 90% More Effective Than Other Topical Analgesics

TAMPA, Fla., June 21, 2004 -- Dr. E. Michael Gutman, M.D. and medical director of the Gutman Pain/Accident Center in Orlando, Florida told that Swiss Medica's O24 pain relief product is "going to revolutionize pain management on a topical level." Dr. Gutman tested the US-patented proprietary blend of essential oils on fifty fibromyalgia patients for more than two months and remarked, "It's almost like a miraculous lotion. It has an effect of relief from pain for four to six hours." His associate, Dr. Amicarelli, reported, "We found that O24 is 90 percent more effective than the other analgesics we'd been using."

Nearly 250 patients have been treated with the O24 pain relief formula at the Gutman Pain/Accident Center for varying musculoskeletal conditions, including fibromyalgia. Said Dr. Amicarelli, "We find O24 very effective with soft tissue injuries, muscle spasms and tired muscles. We've been using O24 consistently for about one month (on chiropractic patients)." O24 reportedly out-performed the popular Biofreeze(R), prompting Dr. Gutman to comment, "Biofreeze(R) is not bad, but when we came to O24, it was like the light went on. There is no doubt that O24 is the class of the race."

I can't wait to try this stuff! When I got home from the conference today my back and legs were so sore. I took a hot bath and a vicodin and while I'm feeling nice and relaxed I'm still terribly sore. The idea of slapping on some of this O24 sounds heavenly right now!

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