Thursday, July 14, 2005

Books I Got on Vacation

Hawthorne: A Life
by Brenda Wineapple
This is a very readable bio. I'm enjoying it, but I think I'll have to read another bio of Hawthorne to balance it out - some of her accusations, especially against Sophia Peabody, seem unfair.

Emotional Longevity
by Norman P. Anderson PhD
Not the self help book that the title suggests. This is a scientifically sound look at comprehensive health. So far what I've read, especially about the biological effects of pessimism, is fascinating.

The Kalahari Typing School For Men
by Alexander McCall Smith
I love these sweet little books. Unlike most mystery novels, theyl leave you feeling a little closer to the rest of the human race.

Being Sick Well
by Jeffrey H. Boyd MD, MPH
Looks at chronic illness from a Christian perspective. Reminds me a lot of Where is God when it Hurts by Yancey, but not as well written. In all fairness, the author may be trying to keep the frills to a minimum knowing that a large portion of his audience is probably medicated. The most interesting stuff is about the "epidemic" of chronic illness being caused by obesity and, ironically, medical progress.

The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts by Burke Davis
A birthday gift from Noah and Luaren. I'm a sucker for the Civil War and can't wait to jump into this fun book!

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I love it when I see people reading lots!