Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vacation Pictures Part I

We're back! There are about a million pictures to sift through so I'll split them up into a couple of entries. This first group of pictures is actually from the last four or five days of the trip. This is the part of the trip we spent with Noah and his wife Lauren. We got some great home cooked food from Lauren, some much needed R&R after our busy time in Massachusets, spent a beautiful afternoon at the beach,and hung out around Fort Drum and Watertown.

Malachy tries to eat his way out of his play pen.
Kim and Malachy at one of the ubiquitous play parks around Noah's house.

The crashing waves of Lake Ontario. Thanks to these waves my glasses are now somewhere at the bottom of this body of water.

Steph and Noah buying snacks at the beach.
Kim's new glasses. Sure to cement my status as a crazy spinster cat woman.

My Brittany Murphy pose. That lovely blue blur on the horizon is the world famous Watertown.

Me reading. I bought some great books!

Steph on a wall. More of Watertown in the distance.

Malachy and his cousin, Max.

FINALLY on the Metra home! It was a long and dirty trip!


Crystal said...

Cute pictures Kimmy, I'm glad you are home. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts.


Crystal said...

Oh ya, the Brittany Murphy pose is my favorite!!! LOL!!!

Lauren said...

I LOVE the pic of Max and Malachy! I have the cutest little boy ever!!!!!!! (Sorry Malachy... you're cute, too.)